035 Christians Just say No to Halloween

Guest Desiree M. Mondesir discusses the origin of this day and why the early Church may be initially to blame for its embracing of Halloween.  Halloween is no holy tradition.  But many Christians embrace this pagan celebration along with the secular society as a benign day of candy and fun for the kids.  Even though many Christians fully recognize the darker roots of this day from the Irish’s Samhain, to Halloween’s connections to Babylonian pagan Baal worship promoted by Nimrod, and the so-called Queen of Heaven (Nimrod’s mom and wife), they still celebrate the day.  All the ancient child sacrifices paying homage to the demon gods doesn’t seem phase some Christians,  as they introduce Halloween to their children. The pleasure of processed treats, dressing their children in terribly handmade and cheap store bought costumes is too great a temptation.

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