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Detroit's history, rise, and fall June 16Understand what happened to Detroit, how racism, politics, and global economics effected the population of Detroit from a life long Detroiter of 83...My dad. PART 1

Confusion of the Black and Pink Agendas June 16Guest Unplugem aka Theodore Jackson discusses the deception of the Black & Pink Agendas uniting for an unevenly yoked cause. Please checkout Unplugem's extensive research, prayers and truther videos his unplugem youtube channel  youtube 

Detroit's Rise, Fall, and New Beginnings July 1How the late 20th century Michigan Governors destroyed Detroit, strong unions backed by the mob made and ruined the U.S. labor workers and U.S. Auto Industry. An 83 year old Detroiter tells the tale.

Deborah and Jezebel Spirit w/Desiree M Mondesir Part 1 July 25Author, freelance writer, blogger, researcher, managing editor at Gospel Today, and a woman in Christ, Desiree M. Mondesir, explains the Apostolic warrior, Deborah as opposition and defeater of the Jezebel spirit.

Deborah and Jezebel Spirit w/Desiree M Mondesir Part 2 July 25In part 2 of the Deborah and Jezebel spirit, Desiree tells us more about Territorial Spirits, the penalties for mixing with strange flesh, the return of days of Noah and Lot and much more...

Deborah and Jezebel Spirit (False & Authentic Prophetic) with author Desiree Mondesir pt. 3 conclusion Aug 8We conclude our discussion on the Jezebel spirit with author/editor Desiree M. Mondesir. We pick-up on the False Prophetic and Authentic Prophetic, familiar spirits, territorial spirits, generational curses and warnings for churches lacking spiritual discernment. Visit Desiree's Writer Blog to find her books.

What's Going On? Oct 1Theodore Jackson gives his heavy hitting Biblical take on Pope Francis' and the Pope's shady past. What was all the hoopla about Sept 23rd? Support Brother Theo ministry checkout his paypal account. Contact Brother Theodore at and

Christians Just say No to Halloween Oct 29Guest Desiree M. Mondesir discusses the origin of this day and why the early Church may be initially to blame for its embracing of Halloween. Halloween is no holy tradition. Visit Desiree's Writer Blog to find her books.

How I Fell Prey to the Jezebel Spirit Oct 30Desiree M. Mondesir expounds to use the dangers, pitfalls, and pain of being in the Jezebel Spirit in her new Ebook How I Fell Prey to the Jezebel Spirit.