Saturday Service

BRINGING THE PRAYERSCourtesy of youtube's UNPLUGEM the pray portion, read by me, begins at 5:12 into the podcast.1.Breaking Soul Ties 2.Breaking Mind Control Bondage 3.Prayer Against Lust.

CONFUSION OF THE PINK & BLACK AGENDAS Re-post of Unplugem interview. See Unplugems extensive research on his channel youtube

For free prayers and council contact our guest at Enjoy our discussion on the deception of the Black & Pink Agendas uniting for an unevenly yoked cause. If you'd like to support his ministry do so via. Paypal at

JEZEBEL SPIRIT RISING OVER THE WORLD Part 1AThe Spirit of Jezebel has taken hold of the Globe. But she and her consort Ahab are in you mother, sister, brother, bosses, pastors and other church members.

We continue our discussion on the Jezebel Spirit and how to deal with IT.

Deborah and Jezebel Spirit Part 2
In part 2 of the Deborah and Jezebel Spirit, Desiree tells us more about Territorial Spirits, the penalties for mixing with strange flesh, the return of days of Noah and Lot and much more. Visit Desiree's blog for a wealth  of information at 

Deborah and Jezebel Spirit (False & Authentic Prophetic) with author Desiree Mondesir pt. 3 conclusion
We conclude our discussion on the Jezebel spirit with author/editor Desiree M. Mondesir with the False Prophetic and Authentic Prophetic, familiar spirits and more...

Testimony & Seeking DeliveranceKnowing when to say when in counseling or giving moral support to others. How not to take on others woes. Why deliverance of others is never a mortal responsibility.

Fervent and Effectual Prayer Courtesy of Theodore JacksonThese effectual and fervent prayers are for you to use continually as part of your study of the Bible.

The Flint Hegelian Dialectic with Guest UnplugemTwo Detroiters discuss the planned destructions of two cities with it's most abundant resource in Michigan. (NEW)

What is the Serpent Seed? Coming SoonThe discussion of the serpent seed doctrine has been debated amongst Christians, but what most people agree on is that there is Mark of the best. In what form will it take. The Devil has no new tricks.

The Book of Revelation. Coming Soon Read the entire Bible, but it has been suggested that Revelation is the place where every new Christian should start from when learning about The Word of God. The End Game is here.