April 26  Provided the site is still up and the world has not come to an end by September 23rd, we'll take another stab at 'Someone Knows My Name' by Lawrence Hill. If you haven't seen the series by then you may find the review interesting.  Just in case stock-up on water, food, batteries and your pocket KJV Bible's. We may be in for world worse than Aminata's if the truther's are right this time.

MAY 28  Change of plans everyone.  We will be reviewing Harper Lee's new and 2nd book in 40 years "Ready Set Watchman", a sequel to her much beloved book by many liberal's, "To Kill A Mocking Bird". Already a bookstore in Traverse, MI is offering refunds on this controversial book in prediction of many readers' displeasure.  The bookstore stated that the books promotion as a sequel is misleadingly, but a earlier composed and a rejected peace of work of Harper Lee's before writing her only Masterpiece. We will save our comments regarding this opinion until after reading the book  but it's been revealed the hero of "To Kill A Mocking Bird" has had a change of heart. Perhaps this is too reflective for American liberals who deny how much their attitudes about Black Folk are more in alignment with old American south than they've ever been willing to admit.