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Escaping The Maze Introduction          APRIL 5
This is a writer's podcast. Transitioning to a new career? Want to share stories about how you decided to make the change and succeeded or are still in the process then join me, Roberta Ripley, for the journey of a lifetime.

Music Podcast with guest Kimani Star    APRIL 7Kimani Star songwriter, singer and acoustic guitarist joins the show to give us a list of a few of his favorite artists.

News Podcast edited                               APRIL 27850 emigrants who drowned in the Mediterranean seeking asylum in Europe. Another brutal police attack in from Detroit to Baltimore. Let the Hunger Games begin...

Diary Episode 1                                       APRIL 28
Why you shouldn't ask elderly parents to intervene between siblings. Dear Mom and Dad...

News cast follow-up edited                    APRIL 30More on the 850 emigrants intentional drowned by human traffickers. Tunisian captain of the boat carrying refugees facing charges. Protests in Baltimore and follow-up other crimes.

GOT Anger Management S5 Ep6           MAY 22
Debating on whether to continue watching the show. What are the show runners doing that worked up Game of Thrones Ire?

Hollywood Against The World                   MAY 28Kimani Star joins the site as my NEW Co-host. Hear what we think about making white Comicbook characters black, if Hollywood's good old boy narrative against black people is feeling pressured to change, are wealthy African American's participating in the economic marginalization of poor blacks?

Saturday Service Bringing the Prayers     JUNE 5Bringing the prayers for you courtesy of youtube's Unplugem. Pray portion begins at 5:12 into the podcast. 1. Breaking Soul Ties 2. Breaking Mind Control Bondage 3. Prayer Against Lust

GOT The Dance of Dragons                         JUNE 8Danny flies and the Man who will never be King...TV Stannis

Prayers and Stupid Believers                   JUNE 13Need a prayer for Employment then you need to listen.

Detroit’s history, rise, and fall                JUNE 16Understand what happened to Detroit, how racism, politics, and global economics effected the population of Detroit from a life long Detroiter of 83...My dad.

Confusion of the Black and Pink              JUNE 16Guest Unplugem aka Theodore Jackson discusses the deception of the Black & Pink Agendas uniting for an unevenly yoked cause. Check Brother Jackson's extensive research and ministry on youtube.

The Neo Cons Destruction of America JUNE 23Kiman gives the low down on the Neocons, the gutting of the Executive Branch, and the Neo Cons as the orchestrators of wars and rumors of wars for profit.

Detroit's Rise, Fall, and New Beginnings JULY 1How the late 20th century Michigan Governors destroyed Detroit, strong unions backed by the mob made and ruined the U.S. labor workers and U.S. Auto Industry. An 83 year old Detroiter tells the tale.

Fruit Down For The Day                              JULY 14Cleansing doesn't have to be a painful water fast or grapefruit only day. Be inventive and treat your self to organic delicious fruits.

Jezebel Spirit Rising 1A                            JULY 18The Spirit of Jezebel has taken hold of he Globe. But she and her consort Ahab are in you mother, sister, brother, bosses, pastors and other church members.

Jezebel Spirit Rising  1B                        JULY 18We continue our discussion on the Jezebel Spirit and how to deal with IT.

Deborah & Jezebel w/guest Desiree M Mondesir Pt 1 JULY 25Author, freelance writer, blogger, managing editor at Gospel Today, and a woman in Christ, Desiree M Mondesir, explains the Apostolic warrior, Deborah as opposition and defeater of the Jezebel spirit.

Deborah & Jezebel w/guest Desiree M Mondesir PART 2 JULY 29In part 2 of the Deborah and Jezebel spirit, Desiree tells us more about Territorial Spirits, the penalties for mixing with strange flesh, the return of days of Noah and Lot and much more. Check our Desiree's blog for a wealth of Biblical teachings.

Deborah & Jezebel (False & Authentic Prophetic) w/guest Desiree M Mondesir PART 3 AUG 8We conclude our discussion on the Jezebel spirit with author/editor Desiree M. Mondesir with the False Prophetic and Authentic Prophetic, familiar spirits, and more. Visit Desiree's Writer Blog to find her books.  Desiree's blog's: Blogher; Write Way To Light.

Watermelon. An Ancient versatile Fruit AUG 12Watermelon has been refreshing people for 5,000 years from southern Africa, where it's ancestor is found to the Israelites and Pharaohs of Egypt. So what's the joke.

Extant S1 & S2 Review AUG 17We are either being programmed to love, hate, kill, mate, with strange flesh. Is it what audiences are craving or are we being told how to think about what's trying to break through to this world as friendly? Is it ever that simple.

What's happening in Detroit and the World AUG 23 News from Detroit, Shooting, Shooting and more Shooting of Black men by Cops, Hurricane Danny teasing islands in the Atlantic, More bad news for the College Porn King...Jared?, How hot sauce can cost you $9 million, Mediterranean emigrants suffer at home and abroad, The original Oracle passes and Captain Kirk is in mourning.

Arms and the Humanich. Isn't being human enough? AUG 25The virus Molly made has not infected or killed many of the hybrid aliens after an attack by the army of A.I. robots. We touch on what hybrids and trusting the other means. What is Spielberg trying to tell us. Why all the robot, Alien agenda shows?.

The Best Vegetables For Weight Loss AUG 25These are just a few vegetables and two fruits used as vegetables in most dishes that can help in your weight loss journey

Fervent and Effectual Prayer Courtesy of Theodore Jackson AUG 29Brother Theodore Jackson has shared a pray packet with us today. These effectual and fervent prayers are for you to use continually as part of your study of the Bible.

Extant Review Don't Shoot the Messenger AUG 31What you didn’t know that They Live and The Thing have returned with Robo Cops, Clowns and too fast romances?

Who is behind #BlackLivesMatter Sept 9What you don't know can hurt you.

Extant: Not so Finale review Sept 18Is Spielberg conditioning us to accept to Mark of Beast. Nooo. It's not all him.

Extant Season 2 Series Finale (No not really) Sept 21Ghost in the machine: TAALR, MOLLY X, J.D. get an upgrade or are the Marked.

Extant Zugzwang review not the Finale Sept 23T.A.A.L.R. creates terminators, Nicholas Calderon explains himself, and Hybrid Molly has not vagina dentate, luck for J.D.

What's Going On? Oct 1Theodore Jackson gives his heavy hitting Biblical take on hot topics of the day.

Christians Just say No to Halloween Oct 29 Guest Desiree M. Mondesire discusses the origin of this day and why the early Church may be initially to blame for its embracing of Halloween. Halloween is no holy tradition.

How I Fell Prey to Jezebel Oct 30 Guest Desiree M. Mondesire discusses her new ebook on the hottest topic in spiritual world today...The Jezebel Spirit.

The Flint Hegelian Dialectic Mar 5 Guest UnplugemTwo Detroiters discuss the tale of two cities under siege. It's bigger than you think.

IS CHRISTIANITY STILL RELEVANT? Dec 28 Guest Brian Hamilton joins the show to discuss the relevancy of Christianity. Why some believers don't want to call themselves Christians.