Escaping The Maze

Hollywood Against The World May 28Welcome Kimani Star as Escaping the Maze's new Co-host. Hear what we think about Hollywood making white comic book characters black, if Hollywood's good old narrative against black people feeling pressured to change, are wealthy African American's participating in marginalizing poor blacks or is whatever they do enough?

Detroit's history, rise, and fall June 16Understand what happened to Detroit, how racism, politics, and global economics effected the population of Detroit from a life long Detroiter of 83...My dad.

The Neo Cons Destruction of America June 23Kimani gives the low down on the Neocons gutting of the Executive Branch, and their agenda as orchestrators of wars and rumors of wars for profit.

What's Going On? Oct 1Theodore Jackson gives his heavy hitting Biblical take on hot topics of the day. He gives us the low down on Pope Francis' and the Pope's shady past. What all the hooplah about Sept 23rd? And then we delve into the Obama and Putin's fake oppostion performance for the world stage, as well as Obama's future after the 2016 election and whether there will really be an election in 2016

Christians Just say No to Halloween Oct 29Guest Desiree M. Mondesir discusses the origin of this day and why the early Church may be initially to blame for its embracing of Halloween.

IS CHRISTIANITY STILL RELEVANT? Dec 28Guest Brian Hamilton discusses the relevancy of Christianity, why some believers don't want to call themselves Christians and more.